4 Things

1) Google bought YouTube today. $1.65 Billion. That’s a “B”. The discussion, as expected, is huge. The rumour broke this weekend and my brother and I spent a few hours before Turkey dinner discussing the deal. Our opinions couldn’t have been more different. The deal will be huge for Google – in my opinion they’re once again showing their vision for what the future can become.

Online video is going to be bigger than breast implants. This will be huge. Good for Google.

1.a) The deal was an all stock deal. Interesting/smart.

1.b) Sequoia proves that early-stage investment is definitely not dead. $480 M / 41x return, on a single years investment.

2) An excellent analysis exploring the marketing reasons that lead to success/failure for two hip-hop albums. What can we learn from this? (i) stay true and honest to your core audience and use it as a foothold market to grow from; (ii) manage expectations and build an expectations-pop; (iii) my guilty pleasure of the past 6 months has been hyphy (specifically E-40)

3) Anyone have any book or textbook recommendations for network effects/social networks/network growth (specifically: the math behind them, how they apply to our world, their sociology/cultural implications, …) I ordered these two already: Nexus and Linked.

4) Kurt Vonnegut on why you need key-differentiating features in your product.