Links of the Moment

Here are some recent posts that are excellent reads.

1) Influentials On The Web Are People With The Power To Link. With keen interest I’ve been reading the content that has erupted around Clive Thompson’s latest article in Fast Company. I’m not convinced that Watts’ theory is mutually exclusive from Gladwell’s.

2)  The Big Lie About Free. “Spot the error? It’s that the only way to measure value is with money.” To which I wonder, what if the best way to measure value is to make it free?

3) Sweet Home Chicago. Return on four month’s investment? A lifetime of clarity. Nicely done Eric.

4) Where’s the Money and Start-up Business Models. These echo a point in my Ignite presentation from Toronto DemoCamp late last year. The point was oddly received by Toronto’s tech community, yet it shouldn’t be a debated point.

  • neilperkin

    I agree with you that Watt's and Gladwell are not mutually exclusive. As usual, the truth is probably somewhere in between.

  • Fraser

    What if the truth doesn't even lie in the middle but is some blended combination of the two? I don't know what I think about this – haven't thought it through fully, but think about Gladwell's influencers, Watts' societal readiness, and Rogers' classic adoption curve. Doesn't it feel like there's something linking the three together?