Songs of the Year – Best of 07: Number 1

One trend that I love to track is the progression of my musical tastes. I can literally look back over the years and see the influences that created subtle changes in taste that ultimately led to new genres I love.

The genre that has consumed my rca-cord for the past three years has been brit pop. A cool post would be explaining how I got there, but that’s not the focus of this post.

The focus of this post is my # 1 song of the year for 2007. A song that is surely brit pop, yet exhibits traits and elements of a different sound. A sound that, I can already tell, will lead me to a new genre. In that sense the song is significant not only because it was my most loved (and played!) song of the year, but additionally because it marks the beginning of the end.

The beginning of the end of my love affair with brit pop. The start of the long-walk away from the genre that has given me the Arctic Monkeys, Hard-Fi, and countless other favourite groups.

I love to connect songs to single moments in time that are rich, visual, memories. This song captures many moments, capturing a period. Like the genre shifting impact the song is having on my musical tastes, the period is best described as transitory.

Late summer, early fall. A time of transition for 25-year old Fraser.

My song of 2007 is Jamie T – Operation.

  • Eyebee

    Your comment regarding evolving musical tastes caught my eye.

    One good thing about getting older is the lack of peer pressure to conform to youthful tastes (not that I ever did really).

    There is a very vibrant music scene in the UK though, and I’ve been featuring many British Indie artists on my net radio station at You may care to check it out sometime. There’s a lot of other good (but mostly Indie stuff too).