Songs of the Year – Best of 07: Number 2

Whooops. Must have been the travel schedule. I wrote the previous posts on a flight between NY and Dallas. Without the benefit of the net I accidently skipped my second favourite song of 2007.

And it’s one that’s definitely worth coming back for.

In April of 07 the Arctic Monkeys – clearly my favourite band of the past few years – released their new album. While great, I became infatuated with a b-side from the album’s lead single.

Feature Dizzee Rascal the song continues to energize me with every listen. The hard driving guitar that is now a trademark of the band, the clever lyrics of Alex Turner, and Dizzee’s verse all add up to create an awesome song.

Had I not had a love affair with Jamie T and his entire album, this song would have been the best of 07 for me.

Check it out and let me know what you think – better than anything else on the new Monkey’s album?