TechCocktail Conference in Chicago


On Thursday, May 29th in Chicago some of the biggest brains in technology are congregating at the first TechCocktail Conference to teach, learn, and converse.

Eric Olson and Frank Gruber have organized what’s going to be an incredible event. Take a look at the speakers list: successful entrepreneurs, well-known VCs, and more. Brilliant minds all of them.

There’s a diverse number of topics covered. If you’re interested in the web, tech, and entrepreneurship it’s bound to be an incredible day. And it’s inexpensive. It would be hard to find a better value for the insight that you’ll gain. That’s a testament to Eric and Frank’s vision for the conference and the respect they have in the industry.

I’m honoured to share that I’ll be speaking at the conference.

The topic is Understanding the Semantic Web and I’ll be providing insight and knowledge on the topic and covering what you need to know about the emerging market.

Register now and enter the following promo code to save 10%: techcocktailer.

If you’re heading to the conference drop me a note, I’ll buy you a beer.

  • Steffan Antonas

    Congrats and Good luck, Fraser. Hope you have a fantastic time. If you end up on a webcast, youtube or the like – shoot the link my way!