Summer in NYC

Summer in NYC is wonderful. The streets are buzzing at all times of the day with an infectious energy that’s missing in the winter. The parks are filled with active people, the subways are hot, and cafes and restaurants are lively.

And in the evening there’s nothing better than relaxing on a patio while sipping a beer as the sun dips over the horizon.

I’ve tried to enjoy all that the city offers in the summer but I’ve also had a busy travel schedule (work and pleasure). There have been multiple trips to SF, a trip to Chicago, Ottawa, and Australia. It’s been a remarkable few months.

The past few months have also been remarkable with respect to building the business. There are a bunch of things to share, not all of them here, not all of them now.

I’m immensely proud of what we’re building. If you want to participate in the alpha, just drop me a note.

There are also a few posts (and excellent discussions) on our site that may be of interest to you:

PS, I now have my life savings invested into kiva 😉

  • jence

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  • Noah Brier

    We still need to grab that beer …

  • Amy

    I'm so happy to start my day off reading such a positive post (and thinking of Metallica.)
    Quick Update: Broke my ankle a month ago, big surgery (see Charlie's post last week for the visual), now back at work, which i LOVE. Maybe I told you, I ended up at the Manhattan DA's office, being a paralegal, and having tons of fun doing it. Though it's hard and slightly boring here while I'm on crutches. I'm looking ahead to a long rehab process, so I'm thinking Dodgeball 2.0 '09 is what I'll be gearing up for.
    Miss seeing you on the court every week!
    Catch you later.
    -Little Parker

    • Fraser

      Wow – I just went to Charlie's site and saw the picture. Wow. There are a lot of screw-shaped objects in the xray… that can't be a good thing.

      Congrats on the job with the DA. Does that make you a Rachel-like character from Dark Knight?

      For someone interested in law I'd imagine it would be harder to get better experience. Is it a full time, long-term thing?

      Rest up and get better. We should all go out one time (we'll pick a place close to your apt to make it easy to hobble to).